It Starts With Loving Books

At Attic Journals, we make journals, garlands & jewelry from discarded books. While we’re definitely motivated by the sustainable mission of our brand, when you get to very heart of why we do the work that we do… it’s because of the books.

  • The familiar covers that remind us of our childhood.

  • Old book smell.

  • Finding loving inscriptions, hallmarks of hope & posterity.

  • Discovering what people tucked between the pages of their favorite reads.

When our founder, Michelle started Attic Journals in 2004, she was a few years past completing her English degree & had made it her habit to decompress from her social work job by perusing the shelves of bookstores & going to weekend library sales to keep the TBR pile interesting.

So today, just to make sure you know that we’re readers just like you, we’re sharing Michelle’s favorite books of all time (with links to each volume from her favorite hometown bookstore).

Happy Fall reading friends!