just a smidge

6 years, 6 months, 22 days

Dear Frijolita:

I almost quit my day job because of you.

At bedtime, while reading The BFG, you realized we were one chapter from the end, but I was about to wrap up reading our one chapter for the night... leaving just a smidge of the book for tomorrow.

All of a sudden you slapped your hand onto the book and said, "Mama, I worked hard at Crafty Wonderland (a local craft show that allows kids to sell their wares) and saved a bunch of money this year from my birthday. I think I can afford to pay you $100 to read that last chapter, right this moment."

At one hundred bucks a chapter, I was forced to seriously contemplate my career.


This series, Dear Frijolita, is shared intermittently, some in real time, some from journal entries of the past.