Rumenating with Rumi

"Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world.⁠
Today I am wise so I am changing myself."⁠
-- Rumi⁠

The premise of being journal makers has, at times, distorted our own self care. By working to create & distribute a tool for the larger community to use for reflection & intentional living, we've occasionally been lulled into believing we're dong enough on the self care front, no reason to take the time to do it ourselves.⁠

And, I suppose, it could be the same for our sustainability practices... that because we do enough reducing, reusing, & recycling as a business, there's no real pressure for us to live sustainably as well. ⁠

For our family, there is some sort of sport in the sustainability. And we love it. Finding ways to make sure we're caring for the earth in our daily living is akin to the thrill of a lifeling scavenger hunt.⁠

The harder path has definitely been in the realm of self care. The slowing down. The intentional connecting with one another & ourselves. The solemnity & diversion from being habitually busy in this past year has helped us make inroads in this regard, but the lure of technology, of finding noise to fill the silence... it's a constant confusing tug of war that we haven't figured out quite yet. ⁠

Last week on our vacation to the coast, I brought about 30 years of my journals with me to read. And there, in the pages of my own life's story, I found that for me... I journal best in the presence of water.⁠

There are parables there. The expanse of the horizon. The detritus that has washed ashore. The fledgling greenery being pounded by the cascading waterfall... all of it, helps me center myself & take a moment to think, to breathe.⁠

So, 2021 will likely have me being more mindful of seeking out water... when you see it in my Instagram stories, you'll know I'm working to gain wisdom for this life we're all living.⁠