Use Your Attic Journal As A Bullet Journal

About 20 years ago, I met one of the funniest humans ever created. Not at a comedy club, not while surfing the web... but literally in my own side yard. Ginger Hendrix was my neighbor in San Luis Obispo, right as Attic Journals was starting. We worked in the same field at the time and her ability to put a colorful spin on the stories our daily lives had me in stitches on a regular basis.

Thru social media Ginger & I have been able to stay connected. She's still loving life on the Central Coast now as a writer, blogger, and as a hilarious Skillshare contributor. And here I am... making journals and standing in awe of. the beauty of stories in beautiful Portland, Oregon. 

Ginger was the first to explain to me about bullet journaling. In recent years, at nearly every show or event, someone would ask me if our journals could be used as a bullet journal. I'd sheepishly smile, concede that I had no idea what that was, but let them know there were no constraints on what our journals could be... after all... they'd been considered trash -- they could surely become a bullet journal.

When Ginger shared how she had taken on the practice of bullet journaling, it became increasingly clear that yes... our journals could definitely be used in this manner. What you'll find here is a quick tutorial from Ginger sharing exactly how she uses our work as her bullet journal.

Fair warning y'all... she's hilarious.