you unboxed. we reboxed.

Because we take our commitment to eco practices seriously, in the past 3 months we have retooled our shipping processes in ways we think you'll appreciate.

We have put the word out to our local community (specific to our neighborhood here in Portland) that we are a small business looking to offset the discard pipeline by making weekly neighborhood runs to pick up the used, undamaged boxes they have accumulated. The response has been amazing! 

Likewise, we have leveraged some of our sustainability contacts to bring in small package mailers that others were throwing out (perhaps they were the wrong size or misprinted, etc) to use for our smaller shipments of individual garlands or single journals. 

So, when you get your orders from us, just know... it got to you in a container that others counted obsolete, but, because of our eco mandate, we are working hard to give it another purpose before the landfill.