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Build Your Own Book Journal
Build Your Own Book Journal

Build Your Own Book Journal

$ 28.00

The nursery rhymes you read to your small one. The cookbook that made for Sunday night suppers at Grandma's. The special set of mystery novels you used to share with a girlfriend during lakeside summers. Even that text book you kept ahold of "just in case" you might need to reference it again some day.  

You have a beautiful book that is absolutely worthy of becoming a journal.

After purchasing this customization & sending us your beloved book, your book will magically be returned as a journal by being: 

  • started with the covers of your book, plus the first 13-20 pages of the original book
  • filled with exactly the kind of paper your musings & memories deserve (including blank, grid, dot, watercolor, & lined options) 
  • bound with a sturdy, durable 3/4" wire-o binding so your journal can fold onto your knee or lay flat at a table
  • mailed to you or your gift recipient within 10 business days of arriving in our workshop (expect a one month turn around from when you mail us the book to it arriving on the doorstep of your intended)

That's right, we're taking one of your heirloom items & helping you create a memorable, utilitarian gift that will inspire the stories of those you love! Plus, the shipping back to you is included in the price!

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on next steps.

We're excited to make this noteworthy gift just for you!

**All books to be made into journals must be hardback books.

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