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expectant motherhood

Dear Frijolita: You and I, we've worked hard to build a relationship of love & mutual respect. Some days that goes swimmingly. Other days... well, I don't write about those as much as a more transparent mama might.  But this time, this Coronavirus time, it's made for a number of hard days. So many that, on this Mother's Day, I have to admit my mama muscles are being stretched more that I really ever wanted or knew to be possible. 

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book page garden pots

With Spring so very much in the air, combined with our newfound homeschool life, we've been working on the science of plants almost every day. It's been wonderful to get our hands in the dirt while teaching Frijolita (our second grader, who we've called Frijolita on social media platforms for years) the work of a seed, the parts of a plant, and what makes up healthy soil. Just yesterday we transplanted our one bazillion tomato starts into their new containers that we made! Using old book pages (from the books we upcycle into journals) we made garden start pots, origami style! It was a fun morning activity that had us outside in the sun.   If you'd like to make your...

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